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Hopscotch Coffee

Our Coffee

We roast all our beans at our Roastery at 212 N Madison Street here in Bloomington. At Hopscotch, we source primarily Fair Trade certified coffee because it helps ensure better living and working conditions for women. It promotes gender equity in a traditionally male-dominated field through its anti-discrimination policies, democratic decision-making processes, training programs, and rules against sexual harassment and intimidation.

We also work with a variety of green brokers who trade directly with coffee growers and offer great transparency in their practices.

On roasting

Since we invest in great greens, we focus our roasting energy on getting out of their way. Our small-batch, fluid-bed roaster allows us fine control over roast profiles in addition to yielding a squeaky clean cup. We categorize our coffees by light, medium, and dark roasts, but we really view these levels as cues for tasting notes rather than actually reflecting roast profile. Learn more and shop our current single-origin coffees & blends: Shop Mailorder